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Fortnite: How to Change Your Gender and Character

Fortnite: How to Change Your Gender and Character

One question that I’ve seen asked around a lot is how to change your gender in Fortnite Battle Royale. Or how to change the gender of the character you play. There are around 6 default skins that the game randomly assigns for you upon starting the game.

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This is the procedure for if you don’t have any owned skins, or you don’t have them equipped in the locker. If you have never purchased a skin, then you can’t actually change your character or gender as you will have to use a random one.

It’s possible that Epic could change this in the future so that you can choose from some of the default skins. That way you can choose to play either a male or female character.

Until then, you will have to use actual skins. The best way to get them would be by playing the Battle Pass. It offers the best value for money by far, and a good amount of skins.

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